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We are a team of optimists at the Child Rights Information & Documentation Centre (CRIDOC) seeking to make a difference in the lives of children and young people in Malawi. We work with local communities and other strategic stakeholders to find information solutions that empower children in their education, health, social, and community lives.

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who we are

How We Make a Difference

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Resource Centre

We're a single point of information and various types of resource on matters related to the rights, development, and the well-being of children and young people in Malawi.

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Participatory Research

From time to time, we initiate participatory and action research into all aspects of child and youth development, including their social and human rights in Malawi.

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School Libraries

Beyond our resource centre in Lilongwe, we aim to facilitate the establishment of accessible and inclusive libraries, mainly in primary schools across Malawi.

School Clubs

We establish school clubs as our vehicle through which we raise awareness among children and youths on their rights and various issues affecting them.

crudoc partnership photo- project signing ceremony with america ambassador.

Strategic Partnerships

We develop a network of like-minded institutions, centres, and individuals in Malawi and abroad who can then drive child and youth-friendly policy changes in the country.

How our school outreach programme foster

School Clubs

Under the School Outreach Programme, we seek to establish and foster school clubs, mostly in primary schools. We have already established several school clubs in Lilongwe, and we are currently in the process of rolling out the programme in remote/rural areas of the country, resources permitting.

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How our school outreach programme foster

Libraries & resource centres

On May 2, 2012, we officially launched a school library with teachers’ offices at Chimvite Primary School, which we constructed in partnership with the surrounding community, with funding from USAID under its Self-Help Project.
So far, CRIDOC has received donations of books and other materials from the Bishop Mackenzie International High School, the UK-based Child Rights Information Network (CRIN), the National Library Service, and the National AIDS Commission (NAC), among many others. We're now mobilizing other resources, such as computers and the installation of a solar system that can power both the computers and lights.

We need your support!

How Can You help?


You can join hands with us by contributing your knowledge and skills in various legal ways and capacities, such as mobilising resources; conline campaigns; social media management, and events management, just to mention a few roles.


You can choose any of our causes that interest you the most and donate any amount you feel comfortable with. We promise to utilise your donations with the utmost prudence and transparency possible.


We have partnered with the First Web Foundation in South Africa. They are supporting us by running various crowdfunding campaigns online. You. too, can join them by creating your own fundraiser pages through DonorBox.org.

Blog Posts

Featured News & Articles

blog post for AGYW Consultation Meeting

CRIDOC and SAT Youth Hub (YH) conducted an Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) Consultation Meeting on July 27, 2018, at the Lilongwe Wild Life Centre. The meeting aimed to

Photo for blog post Turning Hustling Scavengers into Youth Entrepreneurs

In 2012, CRIDOC worked with the National Youth Council (NYCOM) to create videos and radio features about the children who risk their lives at the two significant dumpsites of Lilongwe and Blantyre. This

blog post child labour best practices

We want to share some information about a fascinating video on child labour in Malawi. With the assistance of the Malawi Congress of Trade Unions (MCTU) and its partners, CRIDOC

Featured image on combating child labour in Malawi

Combating child labor in Malawi. Learn about the extent, causes, and types of child labor in the country. Discover the efforts and initiatives by the ECLT Foundation to address the


What Do Our Partners Say?


Robert Mangwazu Phiri

"Throughout our acquaintance with staff at CRIDOC, we found them to be efficient, professional, honest, organized, and a fantastic team to work with. CRIDOC, therefore, has our highest recommendation for any other potential partnership opportunity, especially those related to fundraising / resource mobilisation, community mobilisation..."
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Country Director- SAT Malawi

Nobel Peace Prize Winner,
Kailash Satyarthi

"Developments, like the Tobacco Tenancy Bill in Malawi, are important milestones, but as our friend George points out, to have any impact, legislation needs to be implemented and enforced. We fully support CRIDOC’s work in Malawi, and we call on the international community to make good on the commitments of Roadmap 2016.” Read more here.

Chairperson - Global March Against Child Labour

Aubrey Chibwana

"The Council has therefore been working with CRIDOC in various projects and activities, including the “Turning Scavenging Youth into Scholars and Entrepreneurs” project, in which NYCOM was responsible for coordinating the project whereas CRIDOC was responsible for implementing activities related to media and communication in 2009."
Read more here.

Former Executive Director - NYCOM

Alex Lijanga

“Unlike their counterparts in town, our pupils in this village do not have access to basic learning materials, including textbooks. Your future (CRIDOC’s) plan to even include additional materials in the library such as Braille, children’s novels, games, and the like will drastically improve education standards here.”
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Head teacher - Chimvite Primary Shool


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