Opportunity to volunteer abroad & Within Malawi

The Child Rights Information and Documentation Centre (CRIDOC) values the concept of volunteerism in all its programme implementation and it is upon this concept that the organisation was founded just a few years ago. It is also on this basis that we are always happy to welcome volunteers from within Malawi and those looking for an opportunity to volunteer abroad.  

In fact, its founders was working as a volunteer/intern in India at the time when CRIDOC was being conceptualized as a project.

At the same time, CRIDOC seeks to offer the platform on which the volunteers / interns themselves can enhance their learning, while helping to promote basic child rights and contributing towards reducing violation of child rights in schools.

Our volunteer concept is based on the following general understanding and definitions of the term "volunteerism": 

Performing an act of kindness, freely giving of your talent, time, and effort for a simple fulfillment of community expectations.

The willingness of private citizens to serve voluntarily in a great variety of programmes causes.

Performing activities of one’s own free will that provide services to the community without monetary reward

It is an expression of active participation in the life of a community


CRIDOC is now welcoming volunteers and interns from within Malawi and abroad to carry out various activities to enhance the capacity of the organisation and its partners. CRIDOC  currently works in eight districts within Malawi. In all these impact areas, CRIDOC networks, collaborates and partners with community-based organisations to carry out various activities especially under the School Outreach Programme. 

Volunteers are therefore expected to make important contributions to CRIDOC and its community-based partners in many ways, and, in the case of international volunteers, they will add a multi-cultural environment to the project’s staff and bring in innovative ideas and enthusiasm.

Through our volunteer programmes, we aim to provide volunteers with unique opportunities to contribute something towards  protection and promotion of rights and development of children and young people in the impact areas where we operate.