Research & Monitoring

Research forms one of the core activities of the CRIDOC, as it basically defines the whole essence of our existence. Without research and monitoring, documentation would not make more sense. CRIDOC coordinates with various institutions and child focused NGOs in initiating research projects. We also put together all other research findings that have already been carried out in the past by other researchers, institutions, etc and make follow-up research projects wherever necessary.

As an organisation established with the aim of documenting child rights related issues, we implement projects that monitor various aspects of child rights situations in Malawi, such as the following: 

  1. Children's Budget Monitoring;
  2. Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) Monitoring; 
  3. Children's Media monitoring

In the picture, CRIDOC chaired the Lilongwe District Education Network (LIDEN) where we participated in the monitoring and evaluation exercise of the expenditure for the education budget in the district.

Key Activities under Research and Monitoring

CRC Mnitoring and Reporting

In 2008, CRIDOC was also among the six NGOs in Malawi that participated in the Convention on the Rights of the Child (CRC) Monitoring exercise, vis-à-vis data collection (research) and compilation of the Alternative/Shadow Report. Our work helps to promote the child rights agenda within Malawi news, events and programs, ensuring that child rights issues become prominent on our Malawi map. 

Media Monitoring

On Media Monitoring, CRIDOC and Media Monitoring Africa (MMA) co-facilitated a consultative needs assessment workshop with media in June 2008 on children’s media monitoring with support from Plan Malawi

Education Budget Tracking

CRIDOC voluntarily participated in the budget monitoring exercise earlier in the same year for primary schools within the Lilongwe Urban which was coordinated by LIDEN, in collaboration with the Civil Society Education Coalition (CSEC) to which the CRIDOC is currently an institutional member 

Surveys on Youth Participation

The Centre also conducted a small survey in schools within Lilongwe District to established levels of youth participation in the “16 Days of Activism against Gender Violence 2007.”