Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) Accountability Project

Child Rights Information and Documentation Centre (CRIDOC) is one of the local NGOs that have been implementing the Adolescent Girls and Young Women Accountability Project in partnership with in partnership with SAT Youth Hub (YH). The project is led by the Malawi Office of SRHR Africa Trust (SAT).

In Malawi, SAT, whose regional office is based in South Africa, started operations in 1991 and is registered under the companies Act as a Non-Profit Organization. SAT’s programming is premised around HIV, TB and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Right (SRHR) for young people and women. SAT also aims to connect community voices and experiences to national, regional and international networks and bring global best practices to the communities through strategic partnership.

The project aims at stimulating self-advocacy, capacitate Adolescent Girls and Young Women (AGYW) with knowledge and skills in order to hold the government accountable on laws and policies governing AGYW. CRIDOC has played an important role as one of the core partners. In this project, CRIDOC managed to Amplify Adolescent Girls and Young (AGYW) voices in Malawi on HIV and AIDS and supporting AGYW to be part of Global Fund country related processes at national and grassroots level activities in policy discussions and advocacy processes.

Since the inception of the project in July 2018, CRIDOC and YH have implemented a series of activities namely:

  • AGYW Consultation Meeting;
  • Media and Panel Discussion Campaign;
  • Community Outreach Mobilization Awareness and;
  • Interface Meeting in Lilongwe involving AGYW, Community Leaders, targeting the general populace through media/panel discussions.

During the project implementation period, Media Campaign and Panel Discussions were conducted on Maziko Radio, Zodiak Television and Timveni TV and Radio. The activities were led by the AGYW taskforce members. The activities created a platform for the AGYW to stimulate advocacy and raise awareness on AGYW programming in Malawi in tandem with the Global Fund Project and the surrounding peri-urban of Lilongwe District which the project targets namely: Senti, N’oma, Mtandire, Kauma, Lumbadzi, Likuni and Chigwirizano which are characterized by slams, high HIV prevalence rate and crime rate among others. These activities broaden the viewership and listenership in as far as raising awareness is concerned.

On 18th August 2018, CRIDOC and YH under the leadership of the AGYW taskforce conducted Community Outreach Mobilization Awareness in Ng’oma peri-urban locality-a project impact of the Global Fund in Lilongwe District under the Global Fund AGYW Programme. The activity brought together the community leaders, young people, women, men with a motive of raising awareness of the AGYW programming. Football, netball, traditional dances formed part of the performances as well as a strategy in mobilizing the masses to patronize the event.

On 26th August 2018, the AGYW taskforce with support from the CRIDOC and YH conducted an interface meeting with Chiefs as part of the targeted interface meetings with stakeholders. As per the developed advocacy roadmap by the AGYW taskforce, one of the activities was to hold interface meetings with Chiefs on AGYW programming so as to amplify AGYW initiatives as well as dialogue with them in support of AGYW. The meeting was led and facilitated by the AGYW taskforce. Male and female chiefs and young people attended the meeting drawn from per-urban areas of Senti, Ng’oma, Chimoka, Mtandire and Kauma among others.