About Us


“To contribute towards the promotion of rights and development of children and young people through information exchange, information documentation and information dissemination." 


“A social order where children are an integral part of the Family, Community or National life and their basic rights are respected accordingly”

child education


Equality and Equity

Respect for Human Dignity of Every Child and young person

Respect for freedom of Information


Information Resource

To be a single point of information resource on matters related to children and young people.


To initiate research into aspects of basic child rights and youth rights so as to generate information and form the basis for evidence-based child rights advocacy by CRIDOC and/or other stakeholders 

Child and Youth Empowerment

To empower children and young people by providing them with access, through the activities of the Information Centre, to air their voices

Child Partcipation

To use information technology for greater interaction among children and youth, and to be an activity area for them where they can learn, participate in recreational activities and form friendships with others

Networking & Partnership-building

To forge alliances with similar institutions in Malawi and globally; develop a sharing programme that would benefit children and young people; and develop a network of like-minded institutions, centres, organisations and individuals who can then influence child and youth-friendly policy changes.

Role Modelling

To make awards for any achievement in any field relevant to the aims and objectives of the Centre, which may act as incentives and role models from which others can replicate the good practices.