why do we need child rights

CRIDOC staff and volunteers engaged in voluntary counselling and Testig

Besides other themes like education, child rights, etc, CRIDOC staff and volunteers have been engaged in the provision of child and youth-friendly health services such as voluntary counselling and Testing (VCT) at Area 18 Clinic in Lilongwe, as can be shown in the picture.

Why do we need child rights? We seek to advance public understanding of, and engagement with, important issues concerning children in Malawi and even beyond. Our various projects include: the School Outreach Program (so we can help reduce violation of child rights in schools); Documentation and Information Management; Research and Monitoring, Media Mobilization and NGO Networking, so that communities and other stakeholders are able to devise comprehensive measures to be taken to prevent child rights violation just to mention a few.


Child Right Information and Documentation Centre (CRIDOC) is the only nonprofit research-based and educational institution in Malawi to use the Internet and other ICT devices exclusively to promote issues on child rights.

How will your Donations Help?

And because we believe in what we're doing we gladly provide all of this information relatively free of charge! But there are still costs in maintaining a commercial-grade web site. We depend entirely on the generosity of you to cover our operating expenses. 

Your donations will not be used to pay salaries; we at CRIDOC are a handful of unpaid, part-time volunteers (talk about being overworked and underpaid!) 

But we love every minute of it. Besides monitory donations, as an information (resource) Centre, we would also appreciate very much to receive any resource towards the improvement of our resource centre at the Secretariat, as well as those libraries that we establish in rural and urban communities through our School Outreach Programme.

What do we Need?

Resources may include:

  1. Used computers
  2. Children’s Books (or books on child-related issues)
  3. Children’s Posters
  4. Educational CDs, video tapes, or audio tapes
  5. Educational resources in Braille
  6. Solar panels for our community libraries

How to Make a Contribution?

All material donations may be sent to the following address:

Child Rights Information & Documentation Centre (CRIDOC)

P. O. Box 607



Tel: +265 (0) 881 160 345

E-mail: contact(at)cridoc.net

Website: http://www.cridoc.net

Financial contribution may be done through local or international bank transfer. Call the number above for more information about the CRIDOC bank details. 

Alternatively, transactions can also be done online, if you prefer to use credit/debit card or Paypal. If the preference is to do it online, please click below button to initiate the transaction.

 Thanks for your generous support!